5 Surprising Signs You’re Ready to Find Your Career Calling


You stand at the edge.

Uncomfortable energy coiled in your belly.

You’ve arrived at the place where you know you’re not willing to settle.

Not willing to settle for work that used to be satisfying yet now feels spent.
Even though the money is good. Even though everyone else thinks you’re living the dream.

I’ve been on this edge myself. Holding on by fingernails until my health and the Universe pushed me out of a career comfort zone.

And I’ve landed with certainty in my own calling.

From my own leaps, plus 28-years guiding professionals to make their leap from career to calling, here are five sure signs that you’re ripe for your calling: [Read more…]

After the Leap and Before the Landing: Your Time Between-Dreams

Image of woman leaping - suspended between an ending and new beginning


Have you been there…

suspended in a kind of limbo somewhere between a major ending and your next beginning?

I certainly have. Several uncomfortable journeys there in fact.

It’s maddening.

Endings are hard enough. By the time you come out the other end, you’re tired and feeling more than a little beat-up.

You’re ready for relief. Ready for something better. And honestly, ready for some certainty.

But instead, you often find an uncomfortable pause. A between-place that can extend much longer than the practical-brain can stand.

It’s not what you were expecting. And you wonder what you might be doing wrong.

Recently I met Ellen

and her story reminded me powerfully about this normal but daunting territory…

Ellen doesn’t dabble.

She dove into law. She did the mountain of schoolwork, passed the bar, and invested all of her effort and talent. Then she entered misery.

Never a wimp, she gave the profession 10 unhappy years of her life (not counting her years of education.) And, like many doomed relationships, she desperately tried to make it work. She changed positions and explored several different legal roles: Public Defender, Prosecutor, and more…

And found misery in every one.

Ellen’s battle to make her profession work took it’s toll. The stress and misery wore at her pride, ate at her self confidence and, eventually, impacted her health.

Finally, with the gut-deep feeling of standing on a cliff edge, she leapt – quitting, and leaving law for good.

More than a Career Change

It took real courage. It took some good therapy. But when she left Ellen knew it was the only way to get her life back. Beyond leaving law, Ellen was leaving behind her way of choosing. [Read more…]

LifeWork Renewal 101: Ten Truths for the Journey to Your Brilliant NEXT

Image of Man looking across to a summit - ready for career renewal










You’re on a Journey of Renewal

You may have your own title for this – less grand and optimistic sounding.
Maybe your way of talking about it sums up the challenge of your current situation:

  • “I hate my job.”
  • “I’m in transition.”
  • “I’m exhausted but need to keep going.”
  • “I lost my job, my marriage, my spark, my dream…”
  • “I know I don’t want this anymore, but I don’t know what I DO want.”
  • “I’m figuring out what’s next.”
Or perhaps you speak for the part of you that’s already committed to finding a new way. Something like:
  • “I’m ready. Ready for something more.”

However you express it, know that the loss of your old dream is neither a mistake you made, nor a problem with some logical solution that you’ve somehow missed. Most simply – you’ve outgrown it.

And now Life is calling you to discover new brilliance.

Change – Where the Journey Begins

Change happens.

Your change may be external: your job went away, a relationship ended, your nest is suddenly empty, a loved one died, the housing market collapsed…

Or perhaps your change is more internal:

  • A career path that used to be comfortable has begun to feel too small.
  • Important parts of your life that were satisfying have lost meaning.
  • Work that used to energize now drains you.
  • A goal you achieved and enjoyed  is starting to feel like a jail.

Whether something INSIDE has changed and old roles no longer fit, or an OUTSIDE change has mugged your old life, here you are.

Welcome to transition. The journey has begun.

(And, as you’ll discover here at Brilliant NEXT,  you’re in very good travel company.) [Read more…]

Marketing for Hippies


Do you desire to grow a business doing something you love – but hate marketing?  What if marketing could be guilt-free, respectful, beautiful, inspiring, honoring, fun, warm, gracious, quirky and honest – and effective?



This inspiring On Purpose interview is with Tad Hargrave, a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again). For almost a decade, Tad has been bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses that help them grow their organizations and businesses (without selling their souls).

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)

Gem of Wisdom: 

Be More You

“Be more of yourself. Be honest and real.”

One Small Step: 

Build a Hub Data Base
“We get introduced to people in our niche through people who know us and know our work, which creates a different dynamic – this is a warm approach. We build a relationship with a hub and that hub introduces us to a crowd. “

Create a spreadsheet that maps out potential Hubs:

1) Where can you find your ideal client.2) Who are they connected with, 3) What media do they read and, 3) What groups are they a part of.

Then it is only a matter of building relationships with those people. 

[Read more…]

The Wholehearted Life


Do you feel as though you are going through life half-hearted; searching for a way to wholeheartedly live a life of passion and purpose?

This special On Purpose interview is with my On Purpose Show co-host Susyn Reeve about her new book, The Wholehearted Life: Big Changes and Greater Happiness Week by Week.


Susyn was interviewed by her VIVA Editions Publisher, Brenda Knight.

Brenda Knight – as founder of VIVA Editions Brenda is a national leader in the area of inspiration. VIVA focuses on expansion, courage, and joy in life – in short all that is about the very best in the human spirit.

Susyn Reeve is the best-selling author of The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity for Joy and in her new book is, The Wholehearted Life she brings together everything from her illustrious 35 year career as a corporate consultant, self esteem experts, and an InterFaith Minister. Susyn has been a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women and she is a global champion for the value of Elders and what they have to bring to the world.

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)

Some Favorite Quotes from this Interview:

“I had struggled with what does wholehearted living mean – then it occurred to me that wholehearted living means saying, Yes, to it all. To really know that all of our experiences, even the ones that leave us heartbroken, for a time, are experiences that allow love to flow through us – whether that is from the outside-in or the inside-out.”

“I know the power of intention, the power of declaring, so the Prayer for Wholehearted Living that I wrote is a declaration for living a wholehearted life and allowing myself to give, to receive and ultimately to be a mighty expression of Love in the world.”

The Prayer for Wholehearted Living

Today, I live a wholehearted life. I easily let go of my attachment to thoughts and behaviors that block the in-flow and out-flow of Love in my life. I know my purpose is to be a mighty expression of Love in the world through my unique gifts, talents, and skills. I trust that every experience I have is an opportunity to deepen and expand my capacity to be, give, and receive Love. I ask for and receive all help available to me, visible and invisible, to effortlessly learn from and release habit patterns of fear, blame, and separation, to have faith in a loving future, and to live fully and wholeheartedly in the present.

To the Eternal Peace and Happiness of All.

And, so it is.

“It’s important to get that we are all connected. Each one of our actions, each one of our thoughts charged with emotional energy contributes to the collective consciousness.”

“When we really get, in our gut, that each one of us matters – that we really don’t know who is going to be the tipping point for greater peace, cooperation, love and compassion in the world.” [Read more…]

From Type A to Type Me


Does your desire to excel and “have it all” leave you secretly anxious, stressed and often unsatisfied? Are you beginning to feel that this price is too high, but unsure of how to make a change?


This inspiring On Purpose interview is with returning guest Melissa Heisler, a Stress Reduction Expert committed to guiding professionals to improve their health, increase their mental clarity, easily deal with difficult people, and find peace of mind in their work through reducing their stress levels and adopting Type-ME Habits.

Melissa is the author of, From Type A to Type Me: How to Stop “Doing” Life and Start Living It.

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)

Gem of Wisdom: 

You Have the Power
Whenever you’re feeling victimized, whenever you’re feeling helpless – stop for a minute and really look at what you can control. We may not be able to control the situation but we can always change our reactions to it. In changing our reaction we change our experience and feel better about our lives.

One Small Step: 

Awareness – Check In With Yourself
During your day check in with yourself:

  • Does this feel good to me?
  • Is this causing me stress?
  • What’s causing me stress?

In awareness it’s not necessary to judge something as good or bad or to try to fix it. Awareness is the time for you to be a detective in your life and really watch yourself objectively. When you become aware of your word choices and actions you are then empowered to make new choices.

[Read more…]

True Livelihood: Creating Your Highest Work


Are you building a business, drawn to starting one, or getting ready for a major career change and toying with the idea of doing your own thing?

And, is it even possible to have a business that’s both fulfilling and financially prosperous?


This lively On Purpose interview is with George Kao, a Coach who helps people create their “true livelihood” – which he defines as work that is emotionally fulfilling, mentally challenging, spiritually growing, and financially sustaining.

He’s also the creator of the content-rich YouTube channel called “Our Highest Work” which is about spiritually-based success.

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)

Gem of Wisdom:

Re-define success everyday

Do not let the world define success – that you have to reach a six-figure income, that you’ve gotta’ have this size audience. You define for yourself what success is everyday. For me success is spiritual growth through service – was I present and mindful today – and if I was, then I’ve succeded.

One Small Step:

If you only had one year left to…

  • do your highest work – what would you do?
  • share the message that you think the world needs to hear more of – what would that message be?

Take at least 5 minutes (don’t wait until you think you’ll have more time) to consider each of these. Makes some notes about your answers…

[Read more…]