After the Leap and Before the Landing: Your Time Between-Dreams

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Image of woman leaping - suspended between an ending and new beginning


Have you been there…

suspended in a kind of limbo somewhere between a major ending and your next beginning?

I certainly have. Several uncomfortable journeys there in fact.

It’s maddening.

Endings are hard enough. By the time you come out the other end, you’re tired and feeling more than a little beat-up.

You’re ready for relief. Ready for something better. And honestly, ready for some certainty.

But instead, you often find an uncomfortable pause. A between-place that can extend much longer than the practical-brain can stand.

It’s not what you were expecting. And you wonder what you might be doing wrong.

Recently I met Ellen

and her story reminded me powerfully about this normal but daunting territory…

Ellen doesn’t dabble.

She dove into law. She did the mountain of schoolwork, passed the bar, and invested all of her effort and talent. Then she entered misery.

Never a wimp, she gave the profession 10 unhappy years of her life (not counting her years of education.) And, like many doomed relationships, she desperately tried to make it work. She changed positions and explored several different legal roles: Public Defender, Prosecutor, and more…

And found misery in every one.

Ellen’s battle to make her profession work took it’s toll. The stress and misery wore at her pride, ate at her self confidence and, eventually, impacted her health.

Finally, with the gut-deep feeling of standing on a cliff edge, she leapt – quitting, and leaving law for good.

More than a Career Change

It took real courage. It took some good therapy. But when she left Ellen knew it was the only way to get her life back. Beyond leaving law, Ellen was leaving behind her way of choosing. [Read more...]

LifeWork Renewal 101: Ten Truths for the Journey to Your Brilliant NEXT

Image of Man looking across to a summit - ready for career renewal










You’re on a Journey of Renewal

You may have your own title for this – less grand and optimistic sounding.
Maybe your way of talking about it sums up the challenge of your current situation:

  • “I hate my job.”
  • “I’m in transition.”
  • “I’m exhausted but need to keep going.”
  • “I lost my job, my marriage, my spark, my dream…”
  • “I know I don’t want this anymore, but I don’t know what I DO want.”
  • “I’m figuring out what’s next.”
Or perhaps you speak for the part of you that’s already committed to finding a new way. Something like:
  • “I’m ready. Ready for something more.”

However you express it, know that the loss of your old dream is neither a mistake you made, nor a problem with some logical solution that you’ve somehow missed. Most simply – you’ve outgrown it.

And now Life is calling you to discover new brilliance.

Change – Where the Journey Begins

Change happens.

Your change may be external: your job went away, a relationship ended, your nest is suddenly empty, a loved one died, the housing market collapsed…

Or perhaps your change is more internal:

  • A career path that used to be comfortable has begun to feel too small.
  • Important parts of your life that were satisfying have lost meaning.
  • Work that used to energize now drains you.
  • A goal you achieved and enjoyed  is starting to feel like a jail.

Whether something INSIDE has changed and old roles no longer fit, or an OUTSIDE change has mugged your old life, here you are.

Welcome to transition. The journey has begun.

(And, as you’ll discover here at Brilliant NEXT,  you’re in very good travel company.) [Read more...]

Having the Time of Your Life


It often seems that the problems and struggles of life capture our attention and get a grip on us. How do you have the time of your life – how can you appreciate the journey – what are the tools or the words to enrich your life?



This inspiring On Purpose conversations is with returning guest, Allen Klein who calls himself a “Jollytologist.” He is an award-winning professional speaker and author. His books have sold over 500,000 copies.

Allen got into this unique line of work after his wife died of a rare liver disease at the age of 34. He saw how humor helped her, him, and those around her cope. After her death, he left his business, went back to school and got a Master’s Degree in Human Development, after writing a thesis on the therapeutic value of humor. He now teaches others, around the world, how to access humor in trying times, and get a new perspective on their situation to deal with everything from traffic jams to one of life’s tragedies.

His most recent book is, Having The Time of Your Life: Little Lessons to Live By. His next book due out in April 2015 is titled, You Can’t Ruin My Day.

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)

Gem of Wisdom:
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because no one can ruin your day.

One Small Step:

Embody Positive Words
Take an affirmation, some positive words and put it where you’ll see it nearly the whole day – wake up with it by your bedside, put it by your refrigerator, etc. – and see what happens when that is firmly planted inside of you. It may help to life you up and accomplish something that you’ve wanted in your life.

[Read more...]

Inspiring Wonder


Sometimes you don’t believe it’s possible to make a living doing what you’re passionate about; or you get strong messages from people around you that make you question your dreams.  Is it really possible to make a living doing what inspires you?



This inspiring On Purpose conversation is with renowned nature photographer, William Neill.  A resident of the Yosemite National Park area since 1977, William is a landscape photographer committed to conveying the deep, spiritual beauty he sees and feels in Nature.

His award-winning photography has been published in books, magazines, posters and his limited-edition prints have been collected and exhibited in museums and galleries nationally.

Williams’s credits include National Geographic, Smithsonian, National Wildlife, National History, Conde Nast Travelers, Travel and Leisure, Wilderness, Sunset, Sierra and Outside magazines.  He writes a monthly column on Landscape for Outdoor Photographer magazine.

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)


Gem of Wisdom:  
Trust your instincts and believe there is an artist within you.

One Small Step:  

The Daily Practice of Seeing the Beauty Around You
Give yourself the assignment of walking around your house and notice the light coming through a curtain, the shadows on a wall, flowers in your garden and take a few pictures everyday.  Get in tune with where you live.  Get in tune with the changes of light, the changes of seasons.  It is a very positive way to view the world and it just feels good.

Favorite Quotes from this Interview:

“When I was in high school I heard a story about a cousin of mine who followed a career path he wasn’t happy with.  It didn’t really mean anything, at the time, except that I remembered it several years later going through college and realized that I just wasn’t going to let anything deter me from where I wanted to go.”

“I was interested in Nature starting in high school.  We used to visit national parks on summer vacations and I ending up in college working in National Parks and started to backpack into the wilderness and next started to take a camera with me and next I wanted to share that with people.  As soon as I graduated from college I knew I wanted to be a photographer – I knew I didn’t want to work in an office.”

“I have been successfully self-employed for 30 years.  It was something that was very difficult in the beginning but I was young and stubborn and wanted to follow my dream of being a full-time photographer and in essence getting paid for photographing the beauty in nature.”

“The big factor at the beginning was simplifying my life.”

“Ansel Adams was a commercial photographer for a lot of his career, so I saw that someone could experience artistic integrity and commercial success.”

“I’ve had a delicate balance of making some compromises for commercial value to keep myself in the photography field, which is what I love to do.”

“I have spent a lot of energy marketing what I love to do the most.  I could have done a lot of things that would have made me more money in the short run but not be as satisfying in the long run. So my marketing goal was to sell, show, exhibit and market the type of photography that I like to do the most.”

“I’m always going into grocery stores and I stop at the flower section with my camera and take photographs.  One day I was holding a grocery bag, going out the door and I saw a bunch of white roses and I photographed that bunch of roses with one hand – and now it is going to become a poster and be distributed nationally!”

“The world can be pretty crazy at times.  Our own lives can be hectic.  Politics and the environment can drive you crazy and can give you a pretty negative perspective and it’s easy to become cynical.  Beauty is a way for me to counter-balance that – to see the beauty of creation.  It keeps my outlook – my worldview – in balance.”

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This week’s Insider Circle Winner of a collection of William Neill’s ebooks is, Judi P. from Ohio.

Congratulations Judi!





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Do You Have a Story to Tell?


Have you ever noticed that a good story can immediately capture the attention of an audience?  Do you have a good story that highlights your journey to fulfilling LifeWork?  What’s the best way to tell it?


This weeks inspiring guest Mike Tringe is the co-founder of CreatorUp, the e-learning platform to make great video content.

Mike got his start as a filmmaker when he landed in Morocco in 2001 and started making documentaries.  His students helped him open up his eyes to the world when he started the first high school filmmaking program there, pushing him to switch gears from pre-med to enrolling in film school at USC.

Mike has worked in the entertainment industry for over eight years including National Geographic Feature Films, Creative Artists Agency, Vuguru, and Blip Networks.  He co-founded CreatorUp to make visual arts education accessible to everyone across the world.

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)

Gem of Wisdom:

Take Stock of Where You’re At

Stop what you’re doing for a day and break the routine. Do something different, with somebody different; go someplace you haven’t gone before – to see yourself in a new way, to see the world in a new way. This will give you the perspective you need to make a change.

One Small Step:

Get an Accountability Partner

It is very easy and fun to talk about something but if you can find one person in your life – a friend, a family member, or a colleague – and make an appointment with them – a lunch, a coffee, a 15-minute I want to chat with you. During that appointment you might brainstorm an idea for a project, or creating a preliminary plan to achieve that project. The reason it’s important to have a witness is because that will help you to be accountable.

[Read more...]

Constructive Wallowing


Have you ever been tempted to turn away from menacing, uncomfortable feelings like anger, grief or regret and treat them like unwanted guests? Then notice that ignoring them just seems to make them stick around. What if learning to accept these difficult feelings was the key to greater self-awareness and well-being?


This weeks thought provoking conversation is with Tina Gilbertson, the author of, Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings By Letting Yourself Have Them. Tina is a licensed mental health counselor working with adults. She teaches assertiveness and self-esteem workshops and classes on goal-setting, decision-making, overcoming anxiety and finding the right career.

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)

Gem of Wisdom:

Listen to Your Heart
You don’t fulfill your purpose all of a sudden out of nowhere. You fulfill your purpose by listening to your heart everyday and honoring what you find there.

One Small Step:

I Like It – I Don’t Like It
This is an exercise to get people used to paying attention to themselves, because too often our focus is outward on what we need to do an what we should do. If you want to know yourself better, you need to know yourself in little ways. All you do is ask yourself, Do I like this or not like it? You might start with your shoes – and pick one, it is either yes or no. You can do this with everything – your deodorant, your bus ride, your boss, your dog, your neighborhood – with everything. Just practice checking in with yourself.

[Read more...]

Aligning with Your True Nature


Are you ready for your work and life to be an expression of your true nature?


This energizing On Purpose conversation is with Rony Reingold - the CEO of Embodied Truth Coaching.  As a Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, and co-Author of the Amazon best-seller, In Pursuit of the Divine

Rony has guided countless clients across the globe towards inner and outer success by helping them clarify, claim and create their personalized dream life.  Rony is the creator of the Revolutionary 7-week Transformational Program ALIGNED and the inspirational Reignite Your Radiance Retreats.

You can hear the full interview replay or download the mp3 file using the audio player at the top of this post. You can also listen to this interview, as well as past and future interviews, by subscribing to our free iTunes podcast => HERE.  (Resource links for this episode are near the bottom of the post.)

Gem of Wisdom:

You are already whole. There is nothing to fix and you are invited to re-focus all of your energy on the light that is already in you and see where that takes you.

One Small Step:

Follow the Energy
1) Make a list for one week of all the things that enhance your energy and all the things that drain your energy. You will start to see on paper, side-by-side all the activities and people that nourish and bring forward the true joy of who you really are. You will also start to notice how often you are engaging in those things that are separating you from your truth. Our truth is really who we most authentically are.

2) In addition, I am a true believer in the power of a pause. Throughout the day stop and pause for two-minutes. Put your hand on your heart and ask, What do I know? What’s true for me? What do I need? If I was being authentic, what would I say?

[Read more...]