Are You “Between-Dreams”?

You Know the Current Work Path isn’t Enough Anymore.
And You’re Certain there’s a more True and Fulfilling Work for You –
Yet You’re Confused and Uncertain about a Way Forward.

Discover How to Find Your Passionate Next LifeWork!


Not sure where to turn?
Even the people closest to you don’t really understand and,
while they mean well, aren’t truly helpful.

In this interactive program you will learn: 

    • How to get the missing support and acknowledgement that’s essential for moving forward.
    • How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that can keep you stagnant and stuck. (Including the #1 mistake most people make, that can stall your discovery of clear direction.)
    • A natural process to gain powerful clarity about your unique talents & purpose – so you can start moving toward a life that’s brilliantly YOU.
    • How to use your current situation, no matter how bad, as a launch-pad for finding a work & life you love.
    • The one most important, and simple, thing you can do to get more hope, guidance, and clarity during this time of uncertainty. (And it’s something you can start doing today.)

Imagine… feeling on-track and confident again. With a clear sense of what you can do now to discover a LifeWork that fully taps into your gifts – that’s alive with purpose, fulfilling, and more successful than ever.

You will gain renewed hope, strengthened confidence, resources, support, and concrete next steps you can begin taking immediately.


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“I gained a real Life tool, not just a career tool!” – A. Cline, Seattle

Here’s what Other People in Major Transition Got from this Workshop…

“As an entrepreneur, I was in ‘Limbo state’ when I received the invitation for this workshop. Exploring it, I read a post on Rikk’s Brilliant NEXT blog that gave me such a feeling of Connection – like a Life Raft had been tossed to me. The workshop itself brought me comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone in these changes, and gave me a freeing new perspective for my current transition. I left feeling energized and very hopeful!”

~ Dana L., Financial Services, CA

“I was concerned that the workshop would not meet my specific circumstance. However the philosophy and approach not only applied to my circumstance but to my life in general.

“Rarely in the darkness and insecurity of life’s transitions do we fall upon unexpected revelation that illuminates our path. Without Rikk’s generous and gracious approach, my heart would have remained closed to hearing what I needed.

“I came to see myself as embarking on discovery instead of surviving calamity.”

~ Theresa M., Health Care, CA

“I’m in-between jobs, possibly careers, and had been feeling a lot of angst about what is coming next for me, not only work wise, but in my life in general.  I felt the workshop might help me sort a few things out.  And it did – beyond what I’d hoped for!

“I am feeling much calmer and have deeper appreciation for where I have been and for where I am going from here.  I highly recommend Rikk’s workshop for anyone who finds himself or herself ‘In Transition.’”

~ Leandra Kelly, Media, CA


This Program is for You if…

      • You’re successful, but find yourself unexpectedly “Between-Dreams.”  You know what you don’t want, but don’t have burning clarity for what you DO want next.

      • You’re employed or an entreprenuer but questioning your direction. The spark is gone, and you’re ready for something more meaningful.

      • You’re a coach, therapist or healer who supports people in an aspect of deep change and growth.

      • You’re preparing for retirement, or newly retired, and unclear “What’s Next.”

      • You feel caught between all the stress, demands & commitments – and an insistent inner nudge or calling that you’re ready for something that’s more vibrantly YOU.


Rikk Hansen brings 27 years experience to help you discover a next lifework that’s alive with purpose and passion…

I’ve been there myself. Having a six-figure job eliminated. A healthy consulting business clobbered by the economy. And outgrowing a nonprofit that I’d built and was proud of. I too have found myself unexpectedly Between-Dreams – clear what I didn’t want, yet unsure what next work / life path I really wanted.

Beyond my own transitions, as a career renewal coach for 27 years I’ve had the privilege of guiding many hundreds of professionals along the path to find their satisfying and successful next lifework.

Most of the talented and successful people I work with already know how to make things happen. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that they, often for the first time, don’t know what they really ‘want to be when they grow up.’ What they’re seeking is to re-ignite the purpose and passion that will fire and guide a whole new lifework chapter.

That’s why during the early 1990’s I Co-Founded Centerpoint Institute for Life & Career Renewal in Seattle. And, more recently, why I founded Brilliant NEXT– to make the renewal map & discovery tools I’ve created and fine-tuned over the past 27 years available to people everywhere who are ‘Between-Dreams’ and who, like you, are ready to find their brilliant next lifework.


Rekindle Lifework Purpose & Passion

Upcoming In-Person Workshops

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September 6th, Oakland, CA
September 20th, LA / Orange County
December 6th, Oakland, CA
(Workshops are 9:00am – 6:30pm)

Upcoming Distance Programs 

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Life is short. Invest this day in yourself –
and in charting your brilliant next lifework.

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