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Two version of the workshop are offered. One for those in the midst of a reinvention, and another for coaches and healers who support people in some aspect of change & growth. Both are powerful small-group workshops - available wherever you live via video conference on your computer or smartphone.  To choose your day/time and get signed up to join us, just click the "Sign Me Up!" button for the workshop that fits you.

If you'd prefer the video training instead of the live workshop, just click HERE.



Support for Your Reinvention Journey

If you're in limbo with direction for passionate & fulfilling work, this free workshop via video conference will give you new hope & perspective - seeing a way forward to discover your Career Calling.

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"I could have listened (and learned) for hours more. You spoke directly into my present circumstances and I have repeatedly thought I was 1) alone 2) wrong 3) taking too long 4) inept. What a relief… "  

~ Carol C.; Design Professional



Support for Your Calling as a Coach

If you're a coach or healer, supporting people in some aspect of transition, change & growth, this free workshop via video conference will give you a lifelong tool for your medicine bag – a gift to support your clients and to grow your practice.

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"This resonates." "Fantastic!" "This tool will be so helpful for my clients." "The best coach training I've attended."