“Work is love made visible.”

~ Kahil Gibran

In this time when the nature of work is changing and a growing wave of people are seeking a work path that feels purposeful and alive, there is a small circle of people who are called to support people to discover their Soul’s Calling – and to then fulfill it in a thriving livelihood.

I refer to people with a deep expertise in this work as "Calling Coaches". There is an important and growing need for Calling Coaches – and very few training programs that support this specific need.

This is the purpose of Calling Coach Academy.

Coaches (and aspiring coaches) are my favorite people to work with!

You've already been on a journey of growth, taken courageous steps yourself on a path outside the well paved norms, you know you're here to serve people, and you value tending your own continued growth.

Our coach training programs fall into two categories:

For All Coaches

Our Nature's MAP programs and the Calling Quest program are for all coaches who support their people in some aspect of deep transition, growth, and healing.

For Aspiring Calling Coaches

Our Calling Coach Community and  Certification Program is specifically for those called to guide people in major career and life reinventions. The Calling Quest program is normally the first step in exploring certification.



While a map doesn't transport you to your destination, when you're feeling lost it can make all the difference. Nature's Map can quickly gift clients, and potential clients, with HOPE – a freeing new perspective for a way forward, and real commitment to the deeper work you offer.

FREE Workshop – Nature's Reinvention MAP 

This is your ideal starting place. Attend this free online workshop, either live with Rikk or as a video training you can watch on  your own schedule. While setting aside an hour is not easy in our busy lives - this free workshop will give you a lifelong tool for your coaching medicine bag! Click to image to sign-up.

The MAP Training for Coaches

This very personal and affordable training is for coaches who resonate with Nature's MAP, know their clients will love and benefit from it, and have been looking for the missing piece to growing their practice - to serve a whole new circle of ideal clients. Click the image to learn more what's included.

On-Fire Again! Applying Nature's MAP (for yourself and with clients)

Attending On-Fire Again!, a 1-day virtual retreat is a deep dive into Nature's MAP and is the 1st part of the larger MAP Training for Coaches. Coaches not ready for the full MAP Training can also attend as a next step in deepening their understanding and use of Nature's MAP - for their own changes and in preparation for using it with clients. Click the image below to get the details.


Calling Coach Community

If you're a coach (or aspiring coach) supporting people at "The Intersection of Soul's Calling and Fulfilling Work," this community is the sole place to find nourishment, support, and continued growth in real connection with colleagues worldwide. Membership is crazy affordable with two upgrades available for added support.  Click the image to learn more and join us.



Calling Quest

Attending this 7-day nature-based intensive is the initial in-person part of our 10 month certification program - experiencing the calling discovery tools yourself as a first step.  Coaches ready to find their niche, and those exploring a fit with our certification program may also attend - for a powerful deep-dive into their own Soul's Calling and work-in-the-world. Click the image to explore.

greeting the new day - ready to begin my Calling Quest!


Calling Coach Certification

This 10-Month certification is a one-of-a-kind program training coaches in the art of guiding people to find their Soul's Calling and then express this in fulfilling work. Click on the image to learn more.

Calling Coach Academy



Individual Mentoring

If  the Certification Program or Calling Quest don't fit your needs, individual mentoring with Rikk is another option. If you think this may be the best fit for you, just click HERE and schedule a time to explore the possibility with Rikk.


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Your Certification Mentor

One of the nation’s leading experts in guiding career reinvention, Rikk Hansen has become know as “America’s Calling Coach.” Having spent 30 years in the career and leadership development field, he’s guided thousands of midlife professionals and entrepreneurs to find their career calling, and has mentored many talented coaches.

In the early 90's Rikk co-founded Centerpoint Institute for Life & Career Renewal in Seattle – a nonprofit that served as the main hub for career reinvention in that area for over 20 years. Currently, as founder at Brilliant NEXT, he's pioneered the Calling Quest™ system that’s helped numerous mid-career women and men find certainty of purpose and exciting new direction for work and life. Today, he gives the majority of his energy to sharing Nature's MAP with coaches and to personally training a select circle of amazing people in the art of being a Calling Coach.