“Work is love made visible.”

~ Kahil Gibran

In this time when the nature of work is changing and a growing wave of people are seeking a work path that feels purposeful and alive, there is a small circle of people who are called to support people to discover their Soul’s Calling – and to then fulfill it in a thriving livelihood.

I refer to people with a deep expertise in this work as "Calling Coaches". There is an important and growing need for Calling Coaches – and very few training programs that support this specific need.

This is the purpose of Calling Coach Academy.

Could you be a Calling Coach?

Perhaps you can relate to many of these signs of a Calling Coach…

  • The ideal of work as an expression of love and purpose – has either always been a core value, or is a something you came to through hard experience.
  • You feel strongly called to support the growth of others. Whether or not you have formal training, you’re a natural coach and people tend to seek you out for mentoring and a listening ear.
  • You’re a Truth Seeker
    • Growth has been a lifelong guiding value.
    • Your spiritual life is central to you.
  • You love people, and have a knack for seeing their unique giftedness.
  • You have an abiding love for nature and the natural world.
  • You’ve had a longtime fascination with and love for creative process. Perhaps the arts, in some form, has been a strong thread in your life.
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Where Calling Coaches come from...

Most calling coaches have already been on a journey of many chapters. While some rare individuals hear the call in their late 20’s, most grow into readiness in midlife after gathering a foundation of rich professional experience and personal/spiritual growth.


New and established life coaches ready to develop a deep specialty as a Calling Coach. Plus People exploring coaching as a career path and drawn to this area of impact.

Experienced career coaches who seek to gain new skills & tools for facilitating a deeper discovery process – supporting clients in the growth journey of discovering their calling, to fuel their career change or entrepreneurial dreams.

Therapists who are wanting to offer coaching for people seeking satisfying work. Perhaps noticing they already attract clients seeking a positive career change.


Life Purpose or Transition Coaches who want to add a deep expertise with helping client’s translate purpose into fulfilling career direction.

Business coaches who want to support clients struggling to find clarity about their passionate "WHY" – in order to choose an aligned niche and build a business fired by their calling.

Seasoned professionals in a reinvention process themselves – often with a background in the people or creative sides of work; human resources, training, leadership development, marketing, education, yoga or meditation instruction, etc…

Get Certified as a Calling Coach!

In this 10-month certification program you will:

  • Build deep expertise with the tools, skills and process to reliably guide people to discover their Soul’s Calling – and then support them to translate their Calling into a fulfilling livelihood.
  • Save many years in advancing your practice with techniques and a proven process that’s been developed and fine-tuned over 30 years – multiplying the value of the in-born gifts and valuable tools you already bring.
  • Quickly begin facilitating profitable group programs (as well as serving 1-on-1 clients) with a complete body of powerful, step-by-step, licensed program materials – even while you’re still being certified.
  • Stand in our unique SHINE – This isn’t cookie-cutter, you’ll integrate the program learning and tools with your own unique style, process, and existing techniques.
  • Launch or grow your practice with support, tools, and a personalized strategy for attracting new clients.
  • Earn back your tuition (and more) even before your program is complete with built-in structure and support for putting your learning into service with paying clients.
  • Belong to a rich community of Calling Coaches for shared learning and ongoing support as you grow your work.
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A Calling Coach is a trusted guide for people in the quest to find and fulfill their calling.


Experience the awe of seeing people's brightest gifts, assist them in facing and befriending old fears, encourage growth as they step into their truest self, claim the thing they "can't not do," and then celebrate them creating a work and life they absolutely love!


Imagine the satisfaction of being certified as a Calling Coach and the exciting opportunity to grow a thriving business while making a lasting difference!

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Your Certification Mentor

One of the nation’s leading experts in guiding career reinvention, Rikk Hansen has become know as “America’s Calling Coach.” Having spent 30 years in the career and leadership development field, he’s guided thousands of midlife professionals and entrepreneurs to find their career calling, and has mentored many talented coaches.

In the early 90's Rikk co-founded Centerpoint Institute for Life & Career Renewal in Seattle – a nonprofit that served as the main hub for career reinvention in that area for over 20 years. Currently, as founder at Brilliant NEXT, he's pioneered the Calling Quest™ system that’s helped numerous mid-career women and men find certainty of purpose and exciting new direction for work and life. Today, he gives the majority of his energy to sharing Nature's MAP with coaches and to personally training a select circle of amazing people in the art of being a Calling Coach.