By being on this page, there’s a good chance that you belong to a small circle of coaches called (at this important time) to guide people to claim their Soul’s Calling and translate this into a fulfilling work & life.

If so, I'm guessing you've found that...

Even when committed to work that you know deeply to be your calling, the path can be challenging...

  • You LOVE the work with clients – but sometimes feel isolated, alone, even lonely.
  • You're working HARD to build something important – yet often miss the exchange, collaboration & shared learning found in community with colleagues.

What if you could grow your work while THRIVING in the company of others who share your passion, truly understand your love for this path, as well as the challenges along the way?

During my 30+ years as a coach, I’ve belonged to several valuable associations, gatherings of coaches, masterminds, a few career coaching groups (primarily  focused on job search), and I recently helped birth a wonderful community of purpose practitioners. But I’ve never found a community that meets here “at the Intersection of Soul’s Calling and Fulfilling Work."  

Now is the time.


The Calling Coach Community

Also affectionately know as "the Calling Geeks," we are:

  • A heart-centered, supportive community of kindred professionals.
  • A gathering place for on-going learning and professional growth.
  • A growing international network for connection, collaboration, and sharing.

Until now, no community has gathered those of us serving in this special niche. And we've missed the connection, sharing, and co-creation that's possible together.


Central to our purpose – every aspect of this Community is woven from these two threads.

  • Our mission is for every member to be nourished in community and thriving in their work - with a full practice, abundant & consistent income, and growing steadily in your calling.
  • Rather than competition, the truth is we need each other. We shine brighter together. And sharing our passion, learning, and creativity is the best way for ALL of us to THRIVE – while magnifying our impact in the common purpose we serve.

3 Membership Levels

In addition to Membership, two upgrades with added benefits to support you are available:

Scroll down or click on the icons above to learn which member level is the best mix to support YOU

You can also scroll down to see: Who is this Community for?, Rikk's Story, and Membership Pricing.

Who is this Community for?

This Community works because it’s focus is very specific, and those who belong share values and intentions. While you probably don’t refer to yourself as a “Calling Coach,” you are likely doing this work under another name or form…

Career Coaches:
Who do the deeper work (or aspire to) helping clients discover their calling as they navigate big career changes, choices, and reinventions.


Purpose Coaches:
Whose clients include those wanting to translate their purpose into fulfilling work.


Transition Coaches:
Who guide people thru the uncertainty & growth of major transitions – figuring out who they are now, and what they really want next.

Life Coaches, Therapists, & Spiritual Coaches:
Who are called to help people know their unique gifts, step into their calling, and bring that aliveness to their work and lives.


Business & Leadership Coaches:
Who base their work with clients around a connection to purpose and calling.


Aspiring Calling Coaches:
From a variety of backgrounds, who are actively pursuing a path to do this work for a living.

Diverse – with Common Purpose

This community includes practitioners and thought leaders across an array of experience levels:

  • Coaches, authors, and educators with decades of experience in the work.
  • Coaches & practitioners with well established practices.
  • Relatively new coaches still in the process of launching or growing their work.
  • Those currently in the process of being trained.
  • Others seriously exploring this work as a path to express their calling.

Many members of this tribe are building their own business. Others work within academic, nonprofit, or for-profit organizations. We are wonderfully diverse across gender, background, race, sexual orientation, age, culture, and the rich experiences that have brought us into this work. Geographically, we're spread across the globe.

Yet across the differences in who we serve, where we serve, and how long we’ve been serving on this path – we are connected by a common reverence for each Soul’s unique light and purpose. And we hold dear the ideal of work as one key place for a Calling to serve & shine.

“What you have to do in this world you cannot do alone.” ~ Barbara Sher


Rikk, this community's creator, learned the hard way...

While blessed to have co-created a lovely team of colleagues during my time at Centerpoint Institute, when I came full circle to founding Brilliant NEXT it was as a solo act. (Not my long-term vision, but the reality.) Then, with some good traction about 3 years into the passionate immersion of bootstrapping a startup, I HIT A WALL!

While the certainty of my calling remained sure and strong, my drive and productivity took a sudden and dramatic DIVE.

Physically, I had burned out my adrenals. Mentally and spiritually, I was facing an unexpected wall of resistance – and being called to major growth.

As you might imagine, my crash had BIG impacts on my business. For every gallon of effort needed, I had only teaspoons to give. While still able to coach and teach effectively, my marketing and outreach slowed to a trickle. It took everything just to “keep my head above water.” Client enrollments dwindled. And financial stress grew…

I’m eternally grateful for the spiritual resources and practices that provided perspective and guidance during this time. Guidance that gently reminded me I had something important to learn  – including kindness for how slow I seemed to be in learning it.

During my l-o-n-g recovery I began to see the dark side of my “self-contained” nature, and learned a LOT about the necessary love of self-care. Among the many gifts received, was a KEY lesson. One that made all the difference.

I discovered (despite old patterns and fear-based reluctance to reach out for support) that whenever I was fed by connection and real community, something opened in me – my creativity flowed easily again, energy and enthusiasm were reignited, hope and joy and momentum in my work returned.

Over time, I came to personally and absolutely know this:
Connection and Community are essential nutrients for sustaining a Calling.

Wishing these as support for every coach, I now put community at the center of all my work & programs.

What growth are you being called to this year?

A full practice? Launching a new group program? A book? Speaking internationally? Whatever your growth step is, this community will provide the kind of support that only those in your niche can offer.

In this Rich Community You Will:


Experience Belonging, with other vibrant professionals, in our...

Private Online Community

  • Share resources, learning, best practices, successes and challenges.
  • Discuss techniques, approaches, tools, and other calling-geek stuff...
  • Explore cross referral opportunities, accountability buddies / groups, and resource sharing around business building.

Soak in powerful connection via live-video, in our...

Monthly Tribe Calls

  • Gather to see and really get to know other members face-to-face in these interactive & nourishing video calls – not to socialize; but for rich exchange, practical sharing, and the kind of juicy conversation you can only have with this Tribe.

Engage with professional growth & learning in...

Educational Exchange

  • Offerings from Rikk (including the Calling Coach Bookcase Series), programs & panels drawing from the wisdom and experience of our members, and contributions from niche experts.

Enjoy a depth of sharing and exchange in...

Co-Working & Special Interest Groups

  • Optional Co-Working sessions to give structured attention to priority projects – that you're just not getting to otherwise.
  • Special Interest areas for in-depth discussion and sharing specific to a niche or modality.

Connect with amazing colleagues using our...

Member Directory

  • Connect with practitioners in common or complementary niches. Hold virtual coffee chats with potential collaborators, referral partners, kindred spirits – even meet up with others in your area.

Revel in a rare depth of connection at our...

Annual In-Person Gathering

  • $100 discount off our 2-day Annual Gathering, held in awesome nature-based locations – connection, learning, & just plain fun!
  • 2019 event location & details still TBA. (Travel and lodging separate.) 

Contribute your gifts and leadership in...

Vibrant Co-Creation

  • Be an active part of building this Tribe – with opportunities to initiate projects, to teach, to take leadership roles, and to help guide the direction & growth of our community.

BONUS: Professional Development Program

Attendance in a 1-day On-Fire Again! Retreat live via videoconference ($397 value)

  • A fabulous and lively day of in-depth learning in applying the Nature’s Reinvention MAP model – for yourself and with your clients.


Start my 10-day Free Trial!

GROWTH Mastermind

Beyond Community...

For those members drawn to deeply nourish their learning, professional growth, and business development in the coming months, our GROWTH Upgrade creates a special Mastermind level of support for a core circle of awesome coaches – and tops this off with a wealth of valuable workshops.

GROWTH creates a year-long Mastermind experience for a small core group – with an amazing mix of interactive workshops, group coaching, and individual mentoring.

In the GROWTH Program You Will:


Dive deep into the dynamics and elements of Calling Discovery with...

The MasterClass Series

  • Six 2-hour trainings with Rikk – a depth of work honed over 30 years; taught in workshop format for the first time outside of our certification program. Each workshop is highly interactive, with a generous period for questions, sharing, and application of the material to your own work.

Expand your work with exciting new approaches and tools in the...

Coaching Medicine Bag Series

  • Six interactive 1-hr workshops that bring world-class experts to our community to introduce specialized and diverse coaching tools you can put to use in your work. 
  • Examples of topics include: Integrating Nature-based Coaching, Working with Client Fear & Resistance, New Approaches with Narrative Assessment, etc...

Discover new confidence & approaches for growing your biz with our...

Authentic Biz Building Series

  • Six 1-hr workshops with trusted experts sharing practical wisdom – to support you in growing your business in a ways that feels resonant and true.
  • Some examples of topics include: Inspired Content Creation, The Leap to Group Programs, Authentic Client Enrollment, Serving from the Stage, etc..

Enjoy access to the tools and wisdom you need, just when you need it, with our...

Calling Coach Wisdom Library

  • All workshops from the above series are also recorded, available to you in video and audio format – as an ongoing, growing library for you to draw on at just the right timing to support your  goals.

Gain momentum with support for current priorities and growth in...

Group Coaching Circle

  • There is magic in these intimate small group circles! Each month you receive laser coaching from Rikk, along with active, practical support (resource sharing, brainstorming, etc) from your momentum team. In our experience, every circle call opens up a burst of renewed energy, creativity and momentum. 

Receive a depth of caring individual support that can only happen 1:1 in...

Individual Mentoring

  • Receive personal support from Rikk – focused exactly on what will lift your work & business into the vision that's calling you.
  • 6-hours of coaching. You schedule in the increments (15-min, 30-min, hour, etc) and timing over the year as is ideal to fit your needs.

BONUS #1: Credit toward Intensive Programs

Receive a total of $1000 credit. $500 each toward The MAP Training for Coaches, and/or a Calling Quest (7-day intensive or 12-week group program.)


BONUS #2: Participate in "The Project"

Join, as you're inspired to, in co-creating a Calling "Hub" – a collaborative website attracting & serving ideal prospective clients. 

Conceived to include 1) a searchable Coach Directory, 2) a resource platform with articles and videos from participating coaches, and 3) an active community for those seeking a calling – with you as a featured expert. 


Considering GROWTH but unsure? 

Since it's not feasible to include a trial period with GROWTH, and the upgrade involves a more substantial investment of time and resources, Rikk offers a no-charge consult call to support you to assess if GROWTH will support your goals. If that's helpful, just click this LINK to schedule a call.


I'm Interested in the GROWTH Mastermind!


A Year of Intensive Growth

For a select few who know that this is the year for an intensive dive into the depths of the Calling Coach craft, we've created the GOLD Circle Upgrade.

GOLD CIRCLE is a special offering for those who are "All In!" – adding two intensive programs to everything already included in the GROWTH Upgrade.


The MAP Training for Coaches

Every great once in a while you find a coaching tool that takes a central place in your medicine bag – deepening the change you guide, and opening the door to attract a whole new circle of ideal clients. Nature's MAP is that tool, and this 6-week training goes deep into integrating the MAP into your work and your marketing – including full licensing and a wealth of materials you can use and customize.
($1,297 value)

Calling Quest

Completed either as a 7-day nature intensive or with a 12-week small group virtual program. Calling Quest gives a depth of understanding of a proven Calling Discovery Process thru experiencing it personally – refining and renewing your own Calling.  Coaches attend either as an initial part of the CallingCoach.Academy certification program, or as a way to experience the tools and later integrate them in their own work.
($3,000 value)

This upgrade is for a very limited group, with a greater investment of time and money.  Rather than signing-up directly, those interested will be enrolled in the GROWTH upgrade – followed by a consult call with Rikk. During the consult we'll mutually confirm the upgrade to GOLD CIRCLE is an ideal fit.

I Want to Explore GOLD CIRCLE!

Ready to jump in?

The HEART thrives in community.
When walking a path of courage, building something that matters, you don't have to go it alone. You'll find nourishment in sharing the journey, both its joys and challenges, with kindred souls.

And your WORK thrives with learning and support.
You will be infused with fresh creative flow, inspired with new perspectives, and gain momentum with the magic of mentoring and a supportive team.

I hope you’ll join us.

Belonging & Connection to

Nourish Your Soul


Learning, Support & Momentum to

Grow your Work


Choose a level with the mix of Community & Growth that will best support you for the coming year.



Note: If you join us before the community officially opens on April 29, your membership will be extended to include a full year from the opening date.

More About Rikk

One of the nation’s leading experts in guiding career reinvention, Rikk Hansen has become know as “America’s Calling Coach.” Having spent 30 years in the career and leadership development field, he’s guided thousands of midlife professionals and entrepreneurs to find their career calling, and has mentored many talented coaches.

In the early 90's Rikk co-founded Centerpoint Institute for Life & Career Renewal in Seattle – a nonprofit that served as the main hub for career reinvention in that area for over 20 years. Currently, as founder at Brilliant NEXT, he's pioneered the Calling Quest™ system that’s helped numerous mid-career women and men find certainty of purpose and exciting new direction for work and life. Today, he gives the majority of his energy to sharing Nature's MAP with coaches and to personally training a select circle of amazing people in the art of being a Calling Coach.


Q: Is it possible to sign-up for membership on a month-to-month basis?

A: We discussed this but, because continuity is so important for community building, we decided to only offer membership on an annual basis. To support this, we've kept member fees extremely affordable - and have a 30-day trial period (so you can confirm it a great fit.)

Q: As a member, can I attend the workshop series without being part of the GROWTH upgrade?

A: Great question. Yes, many (but not all) of the series workshops can be attended individually as a paid participant. ($25-$100 per workshop, $900 to attend all 18.) We’re actively exploring offering some form of Annual Pass to members - with a significant discount to attend many these workshops (and access the event recordings.) Stay tuned!

Q: Is it possible to signup for membership and later upgrade to GROWTH or GOLD Circle?

A: Yes, as long as space is available (both upgrades have very limited spaces.) The upgrade begins a new year of membership. Just email us when you're ready – if space is available we'll send you a link.

Q: When do the “Doors Open” for the Community discussion area?

A: Your full community experience is set to officially launch the first week of May 2019!** We encourage you to jump in before this date, as a Founding Member, to lock in the extra-affordable initial membership rates* – for the life of your membership. 

** (Actual date is tied to having enough initial members. Everyone joining before opening receives an extra 2 months of membership in the first year - to make up for any gap between joining and our doors opening.)

Q: The interaction and learning aspects of the GROWTH option are very attractive to me, and I’m concerned about adding TOO much to my already busy schedule.

A: I hear you. Think of all these extras as an amazing buffet, where you get to pick and choose just those elements & events that best nourish and fit your particular needs, style and schedule. Since every event is recorded, you won’t miss anything – and can access it when a topic is most relevant and timely. (Group coaching circle is just once a month and 1:1 mentoring is tailored to you.)

Most of us belong to more groups than we have attention for. This isn't another group. It's a Community – with the kind of connection that gives more energy than it takes.

Q: My current work is not a form of Calling Coaching, but I feel drawn to this in the future. Would this community still be a fit for me?

A: Potentially, yes. Your participation here would be an rare opportunity to explore this work and to learn from community members. If you plan to actively pursue training in preparation for this specialty, this community would be a great fit.

Ultimately, you get to decide if this tribe is a fit for you. We don't restrict membership, just try to describe it in a way the right people will recognize that fit. 

*Member fees are planned to increase to $37 month, and the Growth Upgrade to $247 month after the initial Founding Member spots are gone. Join now to lock in current rates for the life of your membership!

Ask Your Questions

Interested in joining us, but have a question or need additional information - just CLICK HERE to submit your questions.  Thanks!

“Community is a place where the connections felt in our hearts make themselves known in the bonds between people, and where the tuggings and pullings of those bonds keep opening our hearts.” ~ Parker J. Palmer

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”African Proverb


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