Let your Calling guide your dream...

Have you already come so far, taking courageous steps building the business or coaching practice you're excited for, but find yourself struggling without a passionate WHY and a clear niche to fire your launch?

It's Time to go on a Calling Quest!

greeting the new day - ready to begin my Calling Quest!

You’re asking big questions that you’re not finding answers for… 

"What’s my niche" "Who are the people I'm here to serve?" "What's my burning WHY – to fire a business that will light me up, make a difference I care about, and support the Life I dream of?"

You’ve been working on this for a while now. But, with life’s pace and demands, it feels impossible to find the quality of TIME and support that’s necessary for new clarity. So you find yourself spinning your wheels and trapped in your own head… 

Or, you're in training to be a Calling Coach (or exploring this) and want to experience the process yourself as an initial step forward.


It's time to give yourself…

  • A Vacation that lights the fire to launch your new Vocation.
  • A Time-Out for deep listening and exciting CLARITY.
  • An Adventure into nature and your truest self
  • The Gift of a rare quality of time, with support and expert guidance, to finally find your Career Calling.

Offered in 3 Formats

There are 3 options for undertaking a Calling Quest

Nature-Based Intensive

The main focus of this page, a nature-based retreat is an ideal way to undertake a Calling Quest.

Calling Quest Distance Program

If the intensive dates are not possible for you or if you live somewhere distant from the Quest locations, this 12-week small group distance program facilitated by Rikk will give you the structure, support, and coaching needed for your calling discovery journey – allowing you to complete your Calling Quest in a 3-month period from wherever you live.

VIP Individual Coaching

If a Calling Quest customized to your timing, location and needs is ideal for you, Rikk guides 1:1 Quests for a very limited number of coaches each year. The intensity and timing of the process is tailored to your specific needs and style. It can be done in-person, via video conference and phone sessions, or a combination of these.

A 7-day Calling Quest

brings together all the necessary conditions to finally step into your Calling with crystal clarity – allowing a depth of listening and growth that’s just not possible in the noise of all your daily demands and distractions.


Nature Based

Nature is an ideal place for a Calling Quest – a place for deep listening, for re-synching your natural rhythm, for opening to guidance, and for a life-changing renewal of vision. 


New Fire Discovery Process

You’ll have a powerful structure and focal-point for your quest process with discovery activities that have been gathered, created, fine-tuned, and proven over 30-years.


The Magic of Community

You’ll have travel companions and be part of a small, safe circle for powerful shared discovery. Plus you’ll gain support key to ongoing momentum – drawing on the resources and creative power of community.


Individual Support

You’ll have the individual support of an experienced guide – bringing over 30 years depth of experience guiding others like you to find and fulfill their career calling.


I'd like more details about attending

Upcoming Quest Locations

Calling Quests will be offered in a variety of locations immersed in nature – rustic mountain lodges, exotic tropical hideaways, rafting down southwest rivers, kayaking quite islands, and more. Each quest location is carefully chosen to allow an immersion in nature – without requiring special levels of fitness or outdoor skills.

Our Calling Quest on Sept 15 – 21, 2019  will be held in this beautiful location…

Ansel Adams Wilderness – Hot Springs Retreat Center

This quest immerses you in the beauty and quite of the High Sierra wilderness set between Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. Stay in a charming rustic cabin surrounded by majestic granite - with clear Sierra lakes just a short hike away.  You’ll relax in natural hot springs (or your own private deep soak tub) while listening to the soothing sounds of a mountain river.    This special place deep in the Ansel Adam's wilderness of California is a perfect place to undertake your quest to uncover your unique gifts and Soul’s Calling.

  • Laura Shope, Creativity & Career Coach, MI
    "I just realized that, for the first time in 10 years, the doubt and uncertainty are GONE. I have a level of certainty about my purpose now that I’ve never had. And now I’m getting to use this powerful process and successfully guide people in my area to find their calling.
    Laura Shope, Creativity & Career Coach, MI

Our Calling Quest on May 10-16, 2020 will be held in this beautiful location…

Black Canyon on the Colorado River – Canoe Trip

coloradocanoe1You’ll paddle a flatwater stretch of the Colorado River down a beautiful southwest canyon on the Arizona/Nevada border…

Enjoying shear cliffs of multicolored rock, exploring secluded coves, camping on beaches along the river, and relaxing in clear natural hot springs nestled in the side canyons.

ColoradoCanoe3Located in a designated wilderness area, there’s a good chance you’ll see bighorn sheep, great blue herons, perhaps even peregrine falcons, along with many other birds & wildlife. It’s a special place of stark southwest beauty with nature’s quite and solitude up every side canyon.


And this beautiful place is only the beginning. It’s the right place for a powerful process and the support needed to step into your unique gifts and your Soul’s Calling.

(You do not need prior canoeing experience. Since most of our time is spent immersed in the calling quest process, this trip does not involve strenuous activity or require a high level of fitness / outdoor experience.)

Ready for Clarity?

Just like a vacation, a Calling Quest is a signification investment of time and money (around $3000). Better than any vacation, it can also save you many months, even years, of spinning your wheels – bringing the clarity of your Soul's Calling and opening the door to begin your next, more alive and fulfilling, lifework chapter!

Calling Quests are small events with very limited spots available. To make sure the fit is right we schedule a call with everyone interested. Payment and scholarship plans available.

YES, I’m very interested in going on a Calling Quest!

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