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Based on interest, we've decided to offer an optional ACCESS PASS for those who'd like to attend - and get the archived recordings - to 12 workshops coming this year (from 2 workshop series included in the GROWTH Mastermind.) An amazing savings on a year of world-class workshops! 

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$27 *

Private Online Community

Monthly Tribe Calls

Educational Exchange

Member Directory, Co-Working, & Special Interest Groups

$100 discount for 2-day Annual Gathering

BONUS: On-Fire Again! 1-day Retreat ($397 value)

30-day trial**

Get a full year of profession development and learning ($300 worth of world-class workshops) for just an added $10 to your monthly membership payment!

(This is the only chance to get this as an add-on to your monthly membership.) 


Expand your work with exciting new approaches and tools in the...

Coaching Medicine Bag Series

  • Six interactive 1-hr workshops that bring world-class experts to our community to introduce specialized and diverse coaching tools you can put to use in your work. 
  • Examples of topics include: Integrating Nature-based Coaching, Working with Client Fear & Resistance, New Approaches with Narrative Assessment, etc...

Discover new confidence & approaches for growing your biz with our...

Authentic Biz Building Series

  • Six 1-hr workshops with trusted experts sharing practical wisdom – to support you in growing your business in a ways that feels resonant and true.
  • Some examples of topics include: Inspired Content Creation, The Leap to Group Programs, Authentic Client Enrollment, Serving from the Stage, etc..

Enjoy access to the tools and wisdom you need, just when you need it, with our...

Workshop Recordings Archive

  • All workshops from the above series are also recorded, available to you in video and audio format – as an ongoing, growing library for you to draw on at just the right timing to support your  goals.
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