You've already learned the short version of Nature's MAP - it resonated with you, your own wisdom, and your work. You know it can serve your people. And you have a strong sense that there's a reason you came across it when you did - that this is exactly the right tool for the direction you're ready to grow your work.


Every great once in awhile you find a coaching tool that takes a central place in your medicine bag – deepening the change you guide, and opening the door to attract a whole new circle of ideal clients.

Are you dedicated to deeply serve your clients, and ready to serve MANY more people with your work - yet have sensed there's been a missing piece?

Nature's MAP is that piece. This 6-week training for coaches, therapists, and healers will add the MAP to your medicine bag, so you can:

SERVE Your Clients

  • Gift your clients (and thousands of others you'll touch) with hope, relief, and a freeing new perspective – a lifelong gift they'll use and share with the people they care about.

  • Skillfully coach your people to apply the MAP; to inspire powerful commitment to their growth, catalyze action, and to fulfill their dreams and highest purpose.

  • Customize the MAP to shine with your unique message, style and deeper work - so your ideal clients recognize you as the guide for their journey.

GROW Your Practice

  • Craft a signature talk that carries your message, guarantees every presentation you give will profoundly impact your listeners, inspire them to spread the word, and consistently lead to new ideal clients.

  • Have a focal point you absolutely love for your client attraction efforts – with clarity for how all your marketing efforts come together.

  • Be licensed to share and present Nature’s MAP with clients and prospects – including abundant templates, copyrighted materials, and graphic resources to quickly implement your own paid programs.

GIFT the World

  • Beyond the specific growth you serve people with, the MAP is something your people will use for the rest of their lives – and bring to every facet of their growth. It is also one part of a bigger paradigm shift that's in motion. Be part of a growing circle of coaches who are sharing the MAP with thousands of people across the world.

  • Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.;
    Participating in The MAP Training completely upgraded my coaching and transformed the way I present and market myself as a coach. Now I bring a deeper perspective to the all the tools I have, and am standing more fully in the deep work I offer my clients. Prospective clients LOVE the Map and it’s the perfect starting point for our work together.
    Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.;

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MAP Pilot_3Parts


Module 1: MAP WISDOM

This module creates the foundation for using the MAP in your practice – getting to know and integrate the deeper dynamics and movements within each season/phase in Nature’s MAP.

  • Enjoy diving deep in understanding the MAP through interactive learning over the course a 1-day LIVE small group On-Fire Again! Retreat. (Participation is via videoconference; so there’s no travel time and expense involved.) 


  • Highly interactive, the time flies, in a small circle of people with personal guidance from Rikk. You’ll relate the MAP to your own experience, apply it to your own change & growth, while seeing more fully how the MAP applies to your clients’ challenges.
  • You’ll learn the “work” that each Season requires to move gracefully forward, and even how this changes at different points within the same season. 


  • Expand your learning with group sharing and powerful exercises, while drawing on Rikk’s 25-years experience with the MAP – giving you a firm foundation to offer a customized version of On-Fire Again! as a paid program in your own work. 


  • Dan Neitz; Minneapolis, MN
    The MAP is a guaranteed way to serve others. I can’t not serve with this. And with the depth of the material – there’s no way you can’t attract people with this. You’re almost guaranteed to be someone bringing this gift to people for the first time – where they say “Holy s*** you really opened me up!” From a client perspective, I find this to be AWESOME content to lead with. As a new coach, the MAP right now is my core strategy for growing clients.
    Dan Neitz; Minneapolis, MN



This module provides time-tested coaching tools for “mapping” and supporting your clients with the MAP – so they can apply it practically to making progress with their specific journey.

  • You’ll gain tools to help a client find hope and freedom by claiming “where they are” on the MAP.


  • You’ll get techniques to assist a client to translate their place on the MAP into a powerful commitment to the deeper work they’re ripe for – plus identify immediate action steps for progress and satisfying momentum. 
  • You’ll build confidence and fine-tune your approach for sharing the MAP with clients, and potential clients, through practice with fellow coaches.


  • You’ll practice the tools for helping someone claim their place on the MAP and bridge that into deep commitment and a path of action.
  • Nina Potter;

    When I was introduced to Nature’s MAP, I could see that it really applied powerfully to my work and clients. Yet I was still surprised by the depth and usefulness I got out of this training.

    To commit money to a training at this point was a big deal for me – and I’m thrilled with the investment. I’m now able to give my clients, and potential clients, a tool to see their situation in a new light. A perspective that helps them commit deeply to their changes – and also to me as their coach.

    For my marketing I now have more clarity. And I think I have a bigger “Why.” I see where I can go now. It’s given me a framework to pull a lot of existing pieces together and has me laser focused. I have a clearer path. Thank you for sharing this gift of Nature's MAP!

    Nina Potter;

AttractionModule 3: MAP MARKETING MOJO

Now that you have a foundation in your knowledge and use of the MAP, this module gets specific about tapping the MAP to joyfully focus and magnify your client attraction efforts.

(While we use the term "marketing, this module will be of great use for coaching/therapy/consulting practices, as well as other settings such as non-profits and internal coaching within corporations.)

  • You’ll integrate the MAP with your unique message and magic. Infusing your own words and stories in a way that will speak directly to your ideal client’s challenges and dreams.


  • Get the structure and support to craft a signature talk for sharing the MAP in public speaking or webinars. So that with every presentation you profoundly gift your listeners, inspire them to spread the word, and welcome ideal new clients.
  • Craft a paid group workshop that bridges the MAP with the deeper work you offer – catalyzing participant breakthroughs, rave reviews, as well as a natural invitation to more intensive programs and services. 


  • Receive a wealth of talk and workshop templates, resources, handouts, and graphics – you'll save untold hours, and be ready to begin using the map, giving talks, and teaching workshops right away.

And MORE...

A FULL YEAR of SUPPORT! Receive a full year’s access to our MAP Community – where you can share ongoing learning, celebrate client attractions successes, and get ongoing access to Rikk!

During the Training…

  • You’ll receive engaging follow-up activities between the training sessions for integrating each MAP Training session, and for implementing it to serve your clients and grow your practice. 


  • You’ll have access to our private Facebook community where you can share learning with other coaches and have access to Rikk’s input between the sessions.

After the final group training session…

  • Receive a 1-on-1 hour coaching session with Rikk for deep support to get everything from the training that you came for. 


  • Get 24/7 access to online audio/video modules for revisiting the On-Fire Again! content & materials –  to further integrate the material for your ongoing program design & planning.
  • Jeff Bell;

    Most of “my people” are in a state of chaos and fear. When I first was introduced to the MAP I thought the most important use for it was to help my clients understand that these transition states exist – and how to accept and receive the gifts from them. What I didn’t realize is that I needed it. It was really for me.

    The work I did with Rikk in creating a “map” for my own work actually caused me to completely change my mission statement. Beyond finding a beautiful way to give my clients a clear understanding of the process and critical elements underlying the healing I help guide, I clarified my direct mission in a way that completely opened up new flow and ease – including a major shift in financial prosperity – in my business.

    Jeff Bell;

This is a small program, a close circle of awesome coaches doing great work. I get to work closely with each participant. If it's a fit for you, I'd be honored to support you, your practice, and your calling.

Now is the Perfect Time!

As the program is (intentionally) underpriced, we are set to increase the program tuition this Fall

The MAP Training for Coaches; All-In!

On-Fire Again! 1-day Live Retreat Program - via videoconference ($397 value)

6-week Small-group Training Workshops w/ Rikk ($1,500 value)

Licensing to use the MAP - along with program templates, graphics & copyrighted materials

FULL YEAR Participation in Online Support Community ($597 value)

1-on-1 Hour Coaching w/ Rikk ($250 value)

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The MAP Training for Coaches; 4-Pay
4 x $357.

On-Fire Again! 1-day Live Retreat Program - via videoconference ($397 value)

6-week Small-group Training Workshops w/ Rikk ($1,500 value)

Licensing to use the MAP - along with program templates, graphics, & copyrighted materials

FULL YEAR Participation in Online Support Community ($596 value)

1-on-1 Hour Coaching with Rikk ($250 value)

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It will just take one new client – yet will continue to enrich your work for many, many years. 

  • Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.;
    When I was introduced to the Map I recognized from a place of Knowing that this was exactly what I needed for my coaching practice. While my budget was tight and I had to make choices very carefully about investing in training – I knew this was “right,” found a way to make the finances work, and am so glad I did. I recommend this training whole-heartedly!!
    Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.;

I'm Interested in Enrolling But Have Questions

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Program Date Options

CalendarSchedThe MAP Training is offered 2 more times in 2019

On-Fire Again! Retreat: This 1-day program is a foundation for the MAP Training and included in the tuition.  Offered on these dates: April 18 , May 4, July 13, August 22, Oct 5  (*attend one) Held live via small-group video conference.

**Times for the workshop sessions, on the program dates below, are customized to fit with the time zones of those attending - so we don't confirm a time until close to the program date.  All sessions are recorded in case you need to miss one or want to revisit the material in the future. After enrolling you'll indicate which program dates you'll be attending.

Program #1

On-Fire Again! – April 18 or July 13*

Small Group Workshops:
August 15, August 29, and Sept 12, 2019
Time TBA**

Program #2

On-Fire Again! – August 22 or October 5*

Small Group Workshops:
Oct. 31, Nov. 19, and Dec. 10, 2019
Time TBA**

  • Dan Neitz: Minneapolis, MN

    I’d like to say first, give my phone # to anyone you want. I’m not even joking. I would be a passionate reference for this training!

    You offered the content in a way I could use it and be myself in it – bringing my own words and message and stories. Because it’s so universal, so inclusive of a model – of what our nature is, as well as Nature – it’s fully customizable for every coach.

    Dan Neitz: Minneapolis, MN
  • ~ Susyn Reeve, Author, The Wholehearted Life & Heart-Healing:  The Life-Changing Power of Forgiveness and Letting Go of the Past
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Rikk - for this brilliant MAP Training. The MAP has given me a clear and easy to understand tool to use with my coaching clients to chart where they are now in their lives, and to have a guide as they live into their dreams.

    I give this training my highest recommendation!
    ~ Susyn Reeve, Author, The Wholehearted Life & Heart-Healing: The Life-Changing Power of Forgiveness and Letting Go of the Past

100% Guarantee

100%I'm so confident about the value of this program that I'm happy to guarantee it. So there is no risk to you. If the program sounds like just what you've been looking for, register - and have the peace of mind that if it's not a fit you can receive a full-refund.

Here's my specific guarantee:
Show up live and participate fully in every part of the training. If, at the start of our final training workshop, you're not completely satisfied with the training, let me know then and I'll refund your full tuition. 

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