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Two version of the training are offered. One for those in the midst of a reinvention, and another for coaches and healers who support people in some aspect of change & growth. Both are powerful self-paced trainings via video.  Just click the "Sign Me Up!" button for the workshop that fits you.



Support for Your Reinvention Journey

If you're in limbo with direction for passionate & fulfilling work, this free training via video will give you new hope & perspective - seeing a way forward to discover your Career Calling.

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"I could have listened (and learned) for hours more. You spoke directly into my present circumstances and I have repeatedly thought I was 1) alone 2) wrong 3) taking too long 4) inept. What a relief… "  

~ Carol C.; Design Professional



Support for Your Calling as a Coach

If you're a coach or healer, supporting people in some aspect of transition, change & growth, this free training via video will give you a lifelong tool for your medicine bag – a gift to support your clients and to grow your practice.

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"This resonates." "Fantastic!" "This tool will be so helpful for my clients." "This is the most helpful tool I've had as a coach - beautiful!."