“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

You know the Current Work Path isn’t enough anymore. And You Sense there is a more TRUE and FULFILLING WORK for you – yet you’re uncertain about a way forward…

You’ve learned the basic Nature’s MAP model – it resonates with your own experience, and sparks new hope and perspective!  NOW you want to know more about actually APPLYING its wisdom to actively moving forward – to discover and live your career calling. (If you're a coach use this LINK to see the benefits of attending as coach.)

This is for YOU if:

  • You’re Successful, but find yourself unexpectedly “Between-Dreams.” You know what you don’t want, but don’t have burning clarity For What you DO want next.
  • You’re Employed or an Entrepreneur but ready for reinvention. The spark is gone, direction isn't clear, and you’re ready to make a difference you care about.
  • You’re Unemployed, by choice or not, and don't just want another job. You're ready for a new path - something that's more fulfilling, more passionate, more YOU.
  • You’re considering Starting a Business, or preparing for retirement, yet don't have passionate clarity about the PURPOSE you want to guide that next chapter.

Get support, inspiration, and a practical action plan for putting your Calling Quest into inspired motion!

You've been turning this over in your head for too long. It's time to invite support and get outside your own thoughts. On-Fire Again! will allow you to actively give attention to finding a new approach, with support and feedback for applying the MAP to gain momentum with the changes you're ready for.

Gift Yourself with an Inspiring Day to Jump-Start Your Calling Quest

This is not a program with hundreds of participants. It is a small-group, highly interactive (and even fun) day immersed in MAP wisdom. If you've ever sat in one of those big seminars, wishing that it could be more personal – with just you, the national expert, and a few other great people  – applying the principles to your specific concerns... that's what you get with On-Fire Again.  I hope you can join us!

In your 6-hour small group retreat you'll:

  • Gather with us via video conference – so you can join us from wherever you live! No driving. No traffic. Yet with all the rich connection and interaction only a live event can offer.

  • Discover the 3 Essential Elements required for a successful calling quest - for finding certainty of purpose, and exciting clarity of direction (bringing these 3 together makes finding your passion inevitable) – plus the 5 types of calling discovery tools that reliably support this journey.

  • Know when it's time to leave, or how to stay with integrity, as you complete your current work path.

  • Explore the important role of resistance (fear and doubt) in the reinvention cycle – along with native wisdom about the 1st step to always take when feeling stuck in ANY season of the cycle.

  • Identify the one most important activity you can begin now – so you can start moving immediately toward a life that’s brilliantly YOU.

  • Learn how to use your current situation, no matter how bad, as a launch-pad for finding a work & life you love.

  • Give yourself this day to put your calling quest into inspired motion. You'll have the time and support to apply the program to your specific changes, including a personalized plan to jumpstart inspired actions you can begin NOW – to find and fulfill your career calling.

You Will Gain Renewed Hope, Strengthened Confidence, Support, And Concrete Next Steps You Can Begin Taking Immediately.

Imagine… Feeling On-Track And Confident Again. With A Clear Sense Of What You Can Do Now To Discover A Career Calling That Fully Taps Into Your Gifts – That’s Alive With Purpose, Fulfilling, And More Successful Than Ever.

I'm Ready for Hope, Confidence, and a Way Forward!


  • A Rich Interactive Retreat Day:
    A day to put your Calling Quest into inspired motion. On your retreat day you'll have the time and support to apply the MAP to your specific changes – including a personalized plan to jumpstart the inspired actions you can begin NOW to find and fulfill your career calling.
  • BONUS: Added Support: Apply 100% of your tuition from On-Fire Again! to any future coaching or program from Rikk for supporting your Calling Quest. (Can't beat that!)
  • GOLD Level EXTRA BONUS: Individual Follow-up Session w/ Rikk: After we've spend our retreat day immersed in MAP wisdom, you'll get a follow-up 1:1 call with Rikk to go even deeper applying the MAP for your specific needs and work. (Several people have claimed this doubled their learning from the day.) $250 value
  • GOLD LEVEL BONUS #2: Ongoing Learning Resource: Beyond all the notes you'll take, you can revisit the MAP material and continue deepening your learning with our online video modules. (Those living in time-zones that make attending live very difficult sometimes even use this as an online version of the program.)
  • GOLD Level BONUS #3: Bring-a-Friend-Free Pass:  This allows you to invite someone to attend the retreat day as your guest – they can live anywhere since it's a video retreat. Kind of crazy we know! (It does need to be the same date, and guests don't receive the follow-up coaching bonus.


I'm excited for you to join us for this interactive small-group retreat day with me via video conference – you'll be glad you said "Yes" to yourself in attending!

To get started, just choose your program level and get enrolled!

Upcoming Program Dates: Feb 29, March 28; more dates TBA.
If you need to transfer dates, your enrollment is good for any date in 2019. You can even signup now and choose a date later. (It's also possible to give this program as a gift.)  

1-Day Retreat

Good for any program date in 2019

  • Leandra Kelly, Media
    I'm in-between jobs, possibly careers, and had been feeling a lot of angst about what is coming next for me, not only work wise, but in my life in general. I felt the workshop might help me sort a few things out. And it did – beyond what I’d hoped for! I am feeling much calmer and have deeper appreciation for where I have been and for where I am going from here. I highly recommend Rikk’s workshop for anyone who finds himself or herself ‘In Transition.
    Leandra Kelly, Media
  • My follow-up session with Rikk far exceeded my expectations. I’m leaving excited and energized with a clear plan for next steps forward!
    Nicole Y., Holistic Health Professional
  • Joshua Hurst, Software Systems

    I had a lot of hesitation to go to the workshop, even though I’d done a lot of workshops, What if I spend a whole day and it’s just disappointing? Because I wasn’t finding a lot of good answers up to that point anyways.

    To make a long story short, I showed up on that day and was very, very glad that I did. Because it was the first time after talking to a lot of different people and trying to find answers through books, friends, career counselors, and different types of seminars, where it felt like this person understands exactly what I’m going through. Really understands this at a deep, deep level. At a spiritual level you could say. And that was really wonderful.

    When I walked through the door that morning I was lost, I was really confused. I’d lost the vision and didn’t know where I was going anymore.

    I left that day, after going through the “map,” having a framework and feeling like I had some hope now, and there are specific actions that I can take that will help me move my career, and my life, forward again.

    Joshua Hurst, Software Systems
  • I was concerned that the workshop would not meet my specific circumstance. However the philosophy and approach not only applied to my circumstance but to my life in general. “Rarely in the darkness and insecurity of life’s transitions do we fall upon unexpected revelation that illuminates our path. Without Rikk’s generous and gracious approach, my heart would have remained closed to hearing what I needed. I came to see myself as embarking on discovery instead of surviving calamity.
    Theresa M.; Health Care

100% Guarantee

I'm so confident about the value of this program that I'm happy to guarantee it. So there is no risk to you.
If the program sounds like just what you've been looking for, register - and have the peace of mind that if it's not a fit you can receive a full-refund.

Here's my specific guarantee:
On your program date, arrive on time and participate fully. At the end of the day, if you're not completely satisfied with the value received, let me know then and I'll refund your full tuition. 

Get Enrolled!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren't answered below please contact us using this LINK. We're a small office but aspire to reply in 24 hour or sooner.  Thanks!

When are the program dates?

Upcoming Dates:   February 29, March 28 ; Additional dates TBA. Retreat time is 10:00am - 4:00pm Pacific Time.

1-Day Small Group Retreat Format – Live with Rikk via video conference (or via phone.)  Small groups, and very interactive with lots of personal attention from Rikk. Just like an in-person workshop - without the travel. (In case you have to miss a part of the live event, we can record the section you miss.)


Do I need to bring a guest with my bring-a-friend-free bonus?

This is optional. We've included the bonus (even though it adds work for us) and encourage you to invite a friend or contact to join you because this adds even more interaction to your program - increasing the benefits.

Your program confirmation email will have all the details about how to register your guest.


Gift Registrations: You may also purchase and give program registration as a GIFT - and have the recipient choose their event date.

Transferable: With notice, registrations are fully transferable to another date or even to another attendee.

This seems like a long time in front of my computer!

That's a common reaction. Instead of time in front of your computer, this will be time actively learning and interacting with me and a small group of really great people. We take regular breaks to stretch, just like we would at a live workshop - including a longer meal break. People who attend say things like:  "WOW - the time flew!" and "I was surprised how this really had the feeling of an in-person event!"

How does the live retreat program work?

This is really amazing!  You get to join from your own home or office via your computer or smartphone. Using special video conferencing this has all the benefits of an in-person event - with none of the travel time. The technology is easy. The day is very interactive with lots of opportunity to benefit from others and get personal attention from Rikk. While this format is new to many, we've had rave reviews from those who were uncertain about a "virtual" retreat day.